Deal 2 Score for B2B | International wholesaler of trend products
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We are an online supplier for webshops, daily deal sites, and online/offline retailers. Check our services and catalogue!



You can find suppliers for any product you want, however, finding the right one is not that easy. As there are thousands of suppliers to choose from, we can offer you the solution! Make use of our sourcing team that can help you to source the right products at affordable prices. Save time & money with Deal 2 Score!


We have a wide range of warehoused products in stock which we can deliver directly to your customer worldwide. Check our catalogue for an impression of our assortment. All our products are being dropshipped from the Netherlands to the following countries: Belgium, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy and Greece


Deal 2 Score helps you saving your time and money by picking your order, packing it and delivering it to your end-customer.

Using our fulfillment service enables you to concentrate on more important parts of your business. You will have plenty time for marketing, sales, website etc.

You sell your products, we will make sure to get them to the customer!


The must-have gadgets for your car!

About us

Deal 2 Score for B2B is specialised in supplying deal sites and webshops worldwide with top product deals.

What do we do differently?


We offer our products exclusively to B2B


We ship in a very short time to B2C and B2B

Newest products

We are always offering the newest” must have items”


We work with small margins and high volumes

Best price

Our rates are price checked in order to offer you the best and cheapest prices

Branded & Unbranded

We work with branded products but also unbranded quality products

Stock reservation

You want us to keep the stock blocked for you a while? This is no problem for us!


We are Netherlands based, but we deliver worldwide to customers.